Hydronic Engineering Defined


Optimal performance! The common goal of engineers, controls contractors, building owners and operators when designing, installing and commissioning HVAC systems. And that means two things:

  • Consistent comfort for tenants and users at every building location
  • Energy efficiency for reduced consumption and costs


Hydronic engineering is the foundation for optimal HVAC system performance. Here’s a short slide show on the critical role hydronic engineering plays in the development of optimal HVAC systems, created by Mike Trantham, Engineering Manager at IMI Hydronic North America.

IMI Flow Design delivers a full line of manual, automatic and pressure independent balancing and control valves, coil hookup kits, hoses and other associated products, all well known for their superior quality. Contact us anytime at ask.FDI@imi-hydronic.com to see how we can help you achieve optimal performance on your next HVAC project.

Short Social Media Survey: Need Your Help!

In the fast-paced and ever-growing online world, we’re relying more than ever on digital platforms and online resources to communicate with each other. And we have a lot of options for finding information, as well as where, when and what to post content.

IMI Hydronic North America wants to determine the most effective platforms to communicate with and best support you. So, we’re conducting a brief survey to better understand your social media use, needs and preferences.
Please take a few minutes to share your thinking here.

And thank you in advance for your participation.

Finance’s Lisa Garcia Goes Above and Beyond

Here’s to IMI Hydronic North America’s Lisa Garcia, AP Staff Accountant and July’s winner of IMI’s Above and Beyond award. This company-wide honor recognizes employee excellence, teamwork and performance that exceeds job expectations.

In her nomination, Becky Man, Financial Director for the Americas, noted Lisa’s above-and-beyond work during the annual inventory at IMI Hydronic’s North American headquarters in Dallas. “Lisa virtually ran the inventory for Finance single-handedly, putting in considerable additional hours and dealing with several difficult situations both professionally and calmly.”

Thank you and congratulations Lisa Garcia!

Video Challenge Series: Get to Know Julie Coronado

With social distancing keeping us apart, we challenged the IMI Hydronic team to connect with customers through video that shares their favorite activities and IMI products. 

The series continues with Julie Coronado, Customer Support Supervisor at IMI Hydronic North America, who enjoys the outdoors, especially walking her dog. Just like walking is central to Julie’s exercise routine, the AutoFlow Cartridge, her favorite IMI product, is the heart of every AutoFlow Valve from IM Flow Design. With a patented hybrid port, the ½” AutoFlow Cartridge can control rates as low as 0.5 gpm with precision.

Watch Julie’s video, then, go to https://www.imiflowdesign.com/e-catalog/#1 to learn about our full line of AutoFlow Valves. Or connect with Armando.Reyes@imi-hydronic.com, Hailey.Mick@imi-hydronic.com or Rich.Eberle@imi-hydronic.com to find out more about designing with them for your hydronic balancing system.


Customer Service Team Goes Above and Beyond





Here’s to the IMI Hydronic North America Customer Service team, June’s winner of the Above and Beyond award. This company-wide honor recognizes employee excellence, teamwork and performance that exceeds job expectations.


In his nomination, Chris Rodgers, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for IMI Hydronic Americas, noted the team’s overall dedication, working to improve department performance while supporting IMI Flow Design during a global pandemic. “You put in long hours,” he wrote, “along with extra hours working for other departments hit hard by illness and a perfect storm of stressful circumstances.


“You brought smiles to the faces of our customers,” Chris continued. “They noticed. I noticed.”


Congratulations Jenna Bauer, Julie Coronado, Marci Simmons, Shonte Webb!


Video Challenge Series: Get to Know Shonte Webb

With social distancing keeping us apart, we challenged IMI Hydronic team members to connect with our reps and their customers through video by sharing their favorite activities and IMI products.

We continue the series, with Shonte Webb, a 21-year Customer Service veteran who enjoys reading a good book. Just like books open up new possibilities for Shonte, she appreciates the lead-free, NSF/ANSI 61-G certified ICSS automatic control valve that unlocks opportunities for customers in their commercial hot water contact applications. Our ICSS lead-free valves meet the industry’s latest lead content standard, established by the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (RLDWA) in 2014.

Take a look at Shone’s video, then go to https://www.imiflowdesign.com/e-catalog/#48 for more information about IMI Flow Design’s Domestic Water (Lead-Free) ICSS Balancing Valves. And to learn how to design them in domestic hot water circulation systems, contact Armando Reyes at armando-reyes@imi-hydronic.com, Hailey Mick at hailey.mick@imi-hydronic.com or Rich Eberle at rich.eberle@imi-hydronic.com. Or email us at Ask.FDI@imi-hydronic.com.



Video Challenge Series: Get to Know Rich Eberle

With social distancing keeping us apart, we challenged IMI Hydronic team members to connect with customers by creating a video to share their favorite activities and IMI products.

Here’s the first in the IMI Flow Design series, from sales manager Rich Eberle, with 24+ years in the HVAC industry and a passion for cooking. Like the quality ingredients that make a delicious meal, Rich knows you need good products for an optimal HVAC system. Products like IMI Flow Design’s flex hoses, with EDPM core, stainless steel braid, stainless steel ferrule and all-brass end connections. No upcharge for stainless steel, no o-rings or washers to lose on site.

Take a look at Rich’s video, go to to learn more about our hoses or reach out to Rich for help getting them on your next job site.

Take a Look at Our Complete Product Line


For a quick look at IMI Flow Design’s complete product line, check out our new Product Map.



There you’ll find photos and descriptions of our pressure independent balancing and control valve, automatic balancing valves, manual balancing valves, lead-free balancing valves, brass and steel hookups, standard kits and hoses.

A great selling tool or just a convenient way to see all the resources we bring to help design optimal hydronic systems for your HVAC applications.

Download the Product Map here.


And to learn about any specific product, please reach out to us at ask.fdi@imi-hydronic.com.

Share Your Customer Success Story with IMI Flow Design

At IMI Hydronic Engineering, we’re known for strong partnerships with sales reps and customers alike. Recently, BTSE Heating|Biomass & Solid Fuel Systems, a Welsh installer of oil boilers and fuel systems, paid tribute to their collaboration with our colleagues at IMI Hydronic UK. In song! Take a listen below to Takeover IMI, part of BTSE’s week-long takeover of UK Social Media.

We listened, and started thinking about our successes with all of you.

So, show us how IMI Hydronic Engineering North America helps power HVAC projects for your customers. Not musically inclined like BTSE? No worries. Think creatively to share your story of success with IMI Flow Design: in images, verse, whatever captures your imagination. Then, send them to Armando Reyes, Head of Sales, and watch LinkedIn for stories of shared pride, how we succeed together for your customers.

Soham Neupane Enhances Hydronic Training for the Sales Team and Customers

Welcome, Soham Neupane, new Hydronic Training Manager for IMI Hydronic Engineering North America, bringing additional expertise to IMI Hydronic’s deep knowledge and strength in hydronic systems. Soham will train the sales force on hydronic products, from a systems solutions strategy to help sales reps and their customers design energy efficient, optimized hydronic balancing solutions for their HVAC system applications.

Soham comes to IMI from HVAC Manufacturing in Athens, Texas, where he provided design services, as well as pre- and post-sales technical support to project engineers, contractors and others on VRF, VAV systems with integrated controls and hydronics. Soham’s cradle-to-grave experience encompassed everything from the design and quotation phase to final approval and delivery of HVAC equipment to supervision of product installations for commercial projects.

Equally comprehensive is Soham’s approach to training. “My goal with our customers is not just to deliver product information, but to deliver an experience,” he says. And he’ll bring that philosophy to all customer trainings, including management of IMI Hydronic Engineering’s new webinar series, as well as working one-on-one with sales reps and their customers. As a key member of the Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Product Development team, Soham will also serve as the commercial product expert to respond to customer questions for IMI Hydronic Engineering in North America.

“With Soham’s thorough understanding of HVAC systems, passion for solving customer problems and experiential approach, training will now be even more closely aligned with IMI Hydronic’s knowledge sharing philosophy,” noted Bhumika Lathia, Head of Strategic Marketing and Business Development, Americas.

Soham holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas.