AutoFlow Cartridges

At the heart of every AutoFlow valve is a unique and patented cartridge. The piston and body are CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine milled and turned. This state-of-the-art technology maintains tolerances down to <0.0005 inches and assures accuracy and repeatability of flow. A fine machined calibration thread allows precision adjustment of the exact spring preload and free height which achieves design start-up (two psi to seven psi).

The patented consolidated variable side porting and single orifice end hole provide the absolute maximum orifice size and minimum flow restriction at a given pressure differential. The large end port boosts low pressure flow though the cartridge, utilizing the vena contracta occurring directly behind the variable side ports.

The engineering and manufacturing processes employ a total CAD/CAM system, producing seven different cartridge sizes for optimum flow regulation. These cartridges are capable of controlling flows from 0.5 to 25,000 gallons per minute. Wear surfaces are of different hardness, maximizing lubricity between the two surfaces and greatly extending wear life. The patented consolidated porting offers solids handling capability unexcelled in the industry.