WT – IMI Flow Design


Wafer Style Automatic balancing valve with two extended P/T ports and butterfly valve with dielectric nipples (for threaded ATC Valve Connection)



Applications: Heating and Cooling Systems

Functions: Automatic balancing, measurements, and shut-off

Accuracy: ±5%

Sizes: 2 1/2″ – 4″

Assembly Rating: 200 psig at 250◦ F (1379 kPa at 120◦ C)

Flow Regulator 

Body: Cast Iron

Flow Cartridge: Stainless Steel Wear Surfaces with Stainless Steel Spring

Butterfly Valve

Body: Cast Iron, Lug-type ANSI Class 125/150

Seat & Gasket: EPDM

Stem: 416 Stainless Steel

Bearings: Bronze Sleeve

Disc: Aluminium / Bronze