Kit A Features

Kit A features the AutoFlow automatic balancing valve on the return side of the coil as recommended by ASHRAE. Automatic balancing offers a number of advantages over manual or differential temperature balancing.

  • Design flow is maintained at <5% accuracy regardless of pressure variations. This eliminates the chance of low water flow to heat pumps, which can reduce BTU capacity and cause compressor noise and excessive wear due to high freon head pressures.
  • Heat pumps can be added to a tenant facility without having to rebalance existing units.
  • No balancing is required at start-up. When the water pump is turned on, each terminal unit automatically gets the correct design flow. It is good practice to verify the flow at each unit.
  • In variable volume water systems, pump energy can be reduced by preventing overflow on the remaining open units.
  • The automatic balancing valve has a Y-body housing for easy access to the flow cartridge for inspection, cleaning, or replacement to adjust the GPM. This Y-body allows the cartridge to be changed without breaking the main piping — like cleaning the screen of a Y-strainer.


VersaFlow Hose Kit A — Automatic Self Balancing



Kit A includes Model YR AutoFlow regulator, Model UB ball valve, Model YC strainer with ball valve and two Model S2/S3 hose assemblies.

Model YR factory set to automatically limit the flow to within 5% of the specified amount over 95% of the control range. The flow cartridge is removable from the valve body

to provide access for regulator changeout, inspection and cleaning without breaking the main piping. Pressure / Temperature ports are standard.

Model UB is a shut-off valve with large diameter plated ball and PTFE seats. Stem is blowout proof with EPDM O-ring and PTFE packing with packing nut. Ball valve end available

thread or sweat. When ordering, please specify.

Model YC is a combination ball valve, y-strainer and union with seven (7) accessory port locations. 20 mesh stainless steel strainer is removable from the valve body for inspection

and cleaning without breaking the main piping.

S2/S3 fire-rated hose assembly has a braided stainless steel outer band with EPDM inner tube and brass or steel fittings. Each hose reel is tested to 450 psi.