VersaFlow Assemblies / VersaFlow AutoFlow and FlowSet Hose Kits

VersaFlow Assemblies and Hose Kits for heat pumps and other terminal equipment are designed and built to ensure the designer, contractor and owner's confidence in the fire resistance, structural integrity, and leak-proof operation of the VersaFlow Hose.   VersaFlow Hose Assemblies also protect the coil from flushing debris, reduce noise and stress from vibration, and assure ease of installation and equipment removal.

Choose from Three VersaFlow Hose Kits:
VersaFlow AutoFlow and FlowSet Hose Kits combine convenience, reliability, and protection.
Like the Flow Design Coil Hook-Up packages, the VersaFlow Hose Kits arrive at the project site fully assembled and ready to install. The same thorough customer support component is in place to ensure accurate specification, order placement, and on-site fulfilllment.
Regardless of balancing method selected, all kits have valuable common features on which most designers and owners can agree.