Responsible Business


  • We take our responsibilities to the environment and the communities in which we operate very seriously. We believe that these responsibilities can impact positively on profitability, returns to shareholders, reputation and growth.
  • High standards of responsibility are, in our view, compatible with growth and business efficiency. We put particular emphasis on ensuring that our management of social, environmental and economic issues is aligned and integrated with the overall management of the business and we call this 'responsible business'.

Our commitment to responsible business starts with the IMI Way, which sets out our core values. Whenever you meet an IMI person you will find someone who:

    • pursues excellence and delivers results;
    • innovates and provides value to our customers;
    • acts with integrity

The IMI Way is a driver for responsible growth and directly supports our responsible business priorities:

    • Health and Safety
    • Supporting our customers’ responsible business priorities
    • Supply chain risk management
    • Energy Efficiency and carbon management