VersaFlow Hose Kit B - Manual Venturi-Balancing

Kit B Features

Kit B has a manual balancing valve on the return side of the coil as recommended by ASHRAE. The VersaFlow manual balancing kit features a calibrated venturi valve instead of a circuit setter. The venturi has a number of advantages over the circuit setter.

  • The venturi provides 2 - 3% accuracy. With a high quality differential pressure gauge, a combined accuracy of 10% is almost always obtainable.
  • The permanent pressure drop is typically 1/10 that of a conventional circuit setter. The lower pressure drop can reduce the pump head so that a smaller size pump can be selected to save energy.
  • The venturi balance valve is easier to use than a circuit setter. The proper flow can be determined from the flow curve shipped with the units. It is not necessary to determine the handle position or use a slide rule. Flow adjustment can be made without the trial and error of a circuit setter and, the heavy duty memory stop is easily locked to maintain the 'set position' when the valve is closed and reopened.
  • Several flow ranges are available in the 1/2" and 3/4" sizes so that line size valves can be used even at low flow rates. The limited flow range of a circuit setter often requires size reduction for these low flows.
  • The VersaFlow balancing valve is rated at 400 PSI. Most others are rated at 200 PSI which makes them the weak link in the hook-up.

Kit B

includes Model UA venturi balancing valve regulator, Model YC strainer with ball valve and two Model H2/H3 hose assemblies.

Model UA

is a shut-off and manual throttling venturi valve with EPDM O-ring, PTFE seat and memory stop. Stem is blowout proof with EPDM O-ring and PTFE packing with packing nut. Dual Pressure / Temperature ports are standard with an additional option available for air vent or drain valve. Ball valve end available thread or sweat. Please specify when ordering.

Model YC

is a combination ball valve, y-strainer and union with fiveĀ (5) accessory port locations. 20 mesh stainless steel strainer is removable from the valve body for inspection and cleaning without breaking the main piping.


fire-rated hose assembly has a braided stainless steel outer band with EPDM inner tube and brass or steel fittings. Each hose reel is tested to 450 psi.