How to Order

Coil Detail from Job Plan — Step 1

The Flow Design sales representative will take-off the coil detail requirements for all types of terminal

units on the job plan: fan coil, fin tube, unit heater, air handler, or VAV box. All functional requirements of

the plan detail will be incorporated into the IMI Flow Design Hook-Up. Occasionally there may be slight

modifications made to the plan detail so that it will conform to ASHRAE and industry standards. The

representative will then convert the standard plan detail into compact, labor saving modules.

Quotation — Step 2

IMI Flow Design will provide a component drawing and price sheet of a modular Hook-Up for each type

of terminal unit on the plan. The module will have all the functions of the plan detail. The price sheet will

show a price for each size and type, as well as prices for several options:

• Factory installed ATC valves – At the contractors option the ATC valves may be consigned

to the IMI Flow Design factory. The components will be attached to the valve and tested as an


• Extensions for insulation – The standard valve handles, P/T plugs, air vents etc., will clear 1′′

thick insulation. Thicker insulation requires extensions which are priced under options.

Submittal — Step 3

IMI Flow Design will prepare a shop drawing showing the Hook-Up module arrangement for each type

of terminal unit. The drawing has a brief description of each component. Standard submittal forms for

all components showing dimensions, construction and ratings are attached.

Order Entry — Step 4

To enter an order the IMI Flow Design representative must obtain the ATC valve schedule (sizes will be

needed), coil and runout sizes, and types of connections (sweat or threaded). A drawing will be prepared

showing the runout size, ATC valve size, coil connection size, and their types of connections.

Several Hook-Up in the same group may be shipped in one box.