Submittal — Step 3

FDI will prepare a shop drawing showing the Hook-Up module arrangement for each type of terminal unit. The drawing has a brief description of each component. Standard submittal forms for all components showing dimensions, construction and ratings are attached.


Order Entry — Step 4

To enter an order the FDI representative must obtain the ATC valve schedule, coil sizes, and types of connections (sweat or threaded). FDI will group identical modules of each type of terminal Hook-Up and label them Group A, Group B, etc. A group drawing will be prepared showing the runout size, ATC valve size, coil connection size, and their types of connections. The unit numbers that fall into each group will be listed on the drawings. When requested, the applicable drawing will also be included in each box.

A group is set up for identical, interchangeable Hook-Up to make it easier to locate and install the modules at the job site. Several Hook-Up in the same group may be shipped in one box.