VersaFlow Hose Kits

Key Hose Kit Benefits

VersaFlow Hose Kits for heat pumps and other terminal equipment are designed and built to ensure the designer, contractor and owner's confidence in the fire resistance, structural integrity, and leak-proof operation of the VersaFlow Hose.

Flushing protects components

The piping and system components need to be cleaned and flushed before start-up. However, the heat pump coil and hose kits are already clean and it is recommended that these components not be flushed but instead be protected from the flushing operation. VersaFlow hoses have swivel unions on each end so that the heat pump coil and balancing valve can be protected by short-circuiting the terminal unit. If an inline or Y-strainer is used, the hose is attached to the inlet valve as shown at right.

VersaFlow assemblies do not leak.

Each component is carefully leak-tested at 100 psi air under water.

Hose kits reduce noise and pipe stress.

By isolating the terminal equipment and compressor, noisy, damaging compressor vibration is reduced.

Hose Kit Options

Regardless of balancing method selected, all kits have valuable common features on which most designers and owners can agree.

An inlet strainer and hose-end drain valve protect system components 

The inlet Y-strainer with a blowdown/drain is a good investment to protect valuable components such as the heat exchanger and AutoFlow valve. The hose-end drain valve with cap and chain or the ball-type blowdown allow servicing the strainer without introducing air into the system.

Air vents facilitate air release 

The manual air vent on the return side of the coil provides easy release of air during filling and start-up. If entrained air is being released during operation, an automatic air vent is recommended on the supply side.

SuperSeals provide easy measurement

SuperSeals (P/T plugs) allow accurate differential pressure or temperature measurements for troubleshooting or balancing.