Hook-Up Components

AutoFlow and FlowSet Coil Hook-Up packages are ready-to-install configurations.

They virtually eliminate on-site confusion, greatly reduce installation time and save on start-up costs. They are the way engineers and contractors follow the Scout motto, "Be Prepared." Each package may include a selection of top-tier integrated balancing valves and equal-quality components and accessories manufactured and leak-proof tested by Flow Design.

AutoFlow & FlowSet Hook-Up increase productivity, facilitate job-site organization, provide for faster installs, and less sub-contractor time spent on the job site.

Perfected Solutions Simplify Complex Specification Requirements

Flow Design has a strong customer support component in place to help turn what could be a complex specification challenge into a simplified solution that ensures smooth specification and rapid installation. This takes the form of customer self-guidance through the easy-to-follow Coil Hook-Up Design Guide, sales associate assistance, and order process procedures to accurately specify, place, complete, ship, and install AutoFlow and FlowSet packages. On-site field support is even available as needed. This Total Customer Support approach guarantees order accuracy and confidence is the Flow Design process.

AutoFlow Automatic Balancing and FlowSet Manual Balancing Coil Hook-Up

may include automatic and manual balancing valves and strainers, unions, butterfly valves, ball valves, pressure / temperature test ports, air vents, drain valves, and fire and smoke rated hoses as well as others components.