Flow Design's FlowSet Accusetters are the preferred means for manual balancing of constant speed systems by most engineers and accepted by all.   Models feature venturi balancing devices with twin measurement ports. The valves have a low loss venturi section which can save up to 10 feet of pump head when compared to energy wasting circuit setters. Models are highly accurate and are available to read flow as low as 0.1 GPM. They are easy to use - no slide rule required - and have a direct reading GPM gauge available.

FlowSet Accusetters perform manual circuit balancing in three important ways — flow measurement, flow adjustment, and flow shut-off. The FlowSet Accusetter is the leader in the manual, proportionally balanced HVAC environment providing standard-setting performance with accuracy of <3%, flow setting in four simple steps, and thousands of dollars of savings on head and horsepower usage over energy wasting circuit setters.

ASHRAE recommends that manual balancing valves be placed on the coils, risers, branches, and pump discharge so that the system can be proportionally balanced.

Note: Direct return, proportionally balanced systems are not recommended for variable speed pumping systems. The reason is that flow deficits may occur in some of the interior circuits. For a balanced solution, see our AutoFlow Automatic Balancing product line.