As a leader in hydronic balancing, Flow Design offers a complete line of automatic balancing valves. All Flow Design regulators are precision machined and precisely assembled in a process that includes continuous flow testing to eliminate errors.

Model AC

1/2" - 2" AutoFlow regulator/ball valve/Port section/Union. Directional flow/Dual access ports. SWT or FPT (ball end) by SWT, FPT or MPT (union end). One reduction size available on union end - 1/2" - 2" SWT, FPT or MPT.

Submittal  F172 Installations  Specifications

Model WB

2" - 8" Model WS or WU flow control valve with rods, nuts and Model BF butterfly valve. 4" - 8" models have spacer flanges between valves. Components shipped unassembled. Does not include mating flange.

Submittal F216  Installation  Specifications

Model WG

2 1/2" - 14" AutoFlow regulator. Grooved Ends/Directional flow. Steel /Iron/Dual access ports.

Submittal F246  Installation  Specifications


Model WR

3" - 6" AutoFlow regulator and butterfly valve with reduced inlet flange designed to mate with flanged ATC valve. Shipped assembled/Dual access ports/Directional flow.

Submittal F251  Installation  Specifications


Model WS

2 1/2" - 14" AutoFlow regulator/Ductile iron wafer body (150# or 300#). Directional flow/Dual access ports/Wafer style. Shipped w/ rods & nuts for use with customer-supplied companion flanges.

Submittal F167  Installation  Specifications


Model WS

16" - 30" AutoFlow regulator/Fabricated-steel wafer body for 150# ASA flanges. Directional flow/Dual access ports. Extended P/T Ports, drain plug, flange rods and nuts standard. Options limited to 2 at 12:00 and 1 at 6:00, shipped loose for field installation. Companion flanges and gaskets not included.

Submittal F205  Installation  Specifications


Model WT

2 1/2" - 4" AutoFlow regulator and butterfly valve with reduced threaded inlet designed to mate with threaded brass ATC. Dielectric fitting included/Directional flow/Dual access ports. Shipped assembled.

Submittal F247  Installation  Specifications


Model YR

1/2" - 2 1/2" AutoFlow regulator/Port section/Directional flow/Dual access ports/Brass body. 1/2" - 1" SWT X SWT or FPT X FPT; 1 1/4" - 2 1/2" FPT X FPT. SWT X SWT available for 1 1/4" - 2" with addition of brass sweat adapters.

Submittal F001  Installation  Specifications