How do you get ahead with the new AutoFlow 2.0?

With new precision to optimize system performance right on the jobsite, the AutoFlow 2.0 delivers powerful new benefits for engineers, contractors, installers, building owners and operators.


Precision for system optimization and design flexibility for changes during installation or system renovation.


Easier, faster and lower overall cost installations with the adjustable flow.

Building Owners/Operators

Optimized systems that keep tenants comfortable and satisfied, reduce energy consumption and decrease overall installed costs.

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Automatic and Manual Balancing Technologies in One Valve

With AutoFlow 2.0, you benefit from the accuracy and energy savings associated with automatic balancing technology and the field-adjustability of manual balancing technology without having to worry about interactivity. Click here to learn more


AutoFlow 2.0 Resource Center

Data Sheet (Specification)

Data Sheet (Submittal)

Autoflow 2.0-Installation,
Operation & Maintenance Manual